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Okta as a Service Provider – how to redirect users after IDP sign in


Thanks, but those sources mention Okta to Okta – our IDP is a 3rd party and using a bookmark to construct a relaystate url doesn’t help us as the users are not yet logged into any Okta org. These users go to an app (downstream SP), get prompted with an Okta login page, but then click a link to go to a 3rd party IDP and login. That link disrupts the authentication flow, and therefore …

Okta Sign In Widget redirect back to original page after …


26/07/2017  · I’ve been trying to find code examples that show how to redirect the user back to their original page after logging in via the Okta Sign In widget. If a user is sitting on a SAML enabled app and clicks login, they are redirected to the a page that has the Okta sign in widget.

Add Authentication to Any Web Page in 10 Minutes

Redirect user to original url after login in asp net core

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