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5,000 active volunteers using Okta to log in to Crisis Text Line’s crisis management platform to save people’s lives Secure control over access to applications and data Ability to manage identities seamlessly, while scaling quickly Improved IT productivity Improved trust and engagement among potential volunteers Growing a crisis lifeline globally. Many people today, …

Crisis Counselors – Volunteer Help Center


Are there any Crisis Text Line materials available to spread the word? Is there Crisis Text Line merchandise? How do I get some? Where can I find the CC Code of Conduct? See all 11 articles Spike Team. What is a Spike? What is the Spike Team and how do I join? Can I sign up for the Spike Team for multiple days? How do I get notified of a Spike? I was notified of a Spike. Do I …

Customer Journey | Crisis Text Line

Okta Demo: User Authentication

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Crisis Text Line (Global Not-For-Profit Organization)Crisis Text Line is a global not-for-profit organization providing free mental health texting service through c…